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              发表时间:2021-12-29 11:14:18浏览量:636

              Crown block polyurethane foaming machine and supporting equipment are delivered to Nantong, Jiangsu Province

              The four component polyurethane foaming machine is customized for customers. It has two ISO and two polyol systems, and can produce polyurethane products of various colors This device can switch between different colors and densities This ensures the diversity of equipment and the variety of PU products Let customers buy a machine to make different kinds of polyurethane products, such as insoles, soles, imitation wood furniture, seat armrests, etc. the equipment has the advantages of superior stability, simple operation, solid structure and low cost

              The foaming machine features uniform mixing, easy maintenance and accurate measurement with special metering pump Set the temperature Speed regulation and filling cleaning system

              Features of foaming machine

              Application fields of crown block polyurethane foaming machine: self forming leather, high rebound, slow rebound, hard foaming, car cushion, insole, imitation wood furniture, fitness equipment, cushioning equipment, etc

              Actual shooting of crown block polyurethane foaming machine

              President Li from Nantong, Jiangsu Province visited our factory on the spot and directly ordered the equipment after communicating the details of polyurethane equipment with president Zhao and relevant technicians of our company. I would like to thank President Li for his support and love. Shicheng machinery will not live up to the trust of customers

              Here I wish president Li a prosperous business and abundant financial resources

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