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What is In the Tank Productions? It is Rob Adams new-old company, he has taken this creator owned company off the shelf that he started about 15 years ago.

Rob Adams after a successful 4+ year stint with GamesCafe Inc. has broken away to create his own development studio. During his time with GamesCafe Inc. Rob as seen his games played by over 2 million people, along with 3 chart topping hits on a few of North Americas leading casual game portals RealArcade and Gamehouse. Two of the chart topping games Clue Classic and Party Planner Rob held the rolls of Designer, Project Manager, and Producer. Having been at ground zero at the start of GamesCafe Rob as the companies project manager played a interracial part in the direction of development of the systems and tools the company would go on to use to create their library of casual games.

Before GamesCafe was GamesCafe, the company was Orbital Media Inc, a developer and publisher of GBA games for Nintendo. During this time, Rob held the rolls of Project Manager, QA manager, Game Director two of Orbital Media's GBA titles Scurge and Racing Gears Advance. The third GBA title Juka and the Monophonic Menace Rob assumed the rolls of Game Designer, Art Director, and Producer.

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